Unconventional Wall Art Ideas

July 14, 2017
I recently moved into a new apartment and this time I promised myself I would not let the bare walls stay naked, like I had at my last place. We weren't completely sure how long we'd be there for, and didn't want to make a lot of holes in the walls if we would leave in a month or so. We ended up staying almost two years, always putting off decorating. Not this time, though!

Slowly (because I'm still nervous about making holes in the walls) I've been fighting back against the empty walls. I'd like to get some large prints of my travel photos (here's a roundup of my faves on my neglected travel blog), but the cost of printing and framing them keeps making me put off ordering any. But I realized, it doesn't have to be an art print or wedding photograph; anything that you enjoy looking at makes great wall art!

In our case, we went with a few of my husband's comic books. We have some even older ones from the 60s and 70s that were his mom's, but he wanted to keep those tucked away.

The frames were only about $3 each from Ikea, make some pretty fun wall art and showcase something that has sentimental value to my husband. Next to be mounted on the wall? My masquerade mask from Venice.

Some other ideas?

+ Book and magazine covers, or even ads
+ T-shirts (a good tutorial here for framing just the graphic part)
+ Wall paper or fabric samples framed or wrapped around a canvas (something like this)
+ A letter, card, invitation or event program
+ Record cover - or just the record
+ Pressed flowers
+ Flags
+ Jewelry
Photo credit: DKM Art via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

+ Quilts and Blankets
+ Tapestries and wall hanging
+ Tickets, photos and other mementos of a trip, us a map of your destination as a background
+ Display guitars and other musical instruments instead of hiding them away in their case*

+ Frame the left over paper money from all the countries you visit
+ License plates
+ in the kitchen, racks of colorful spices,
+ Frame shelves of nail polish for the bathroom or bedroom
+ Chalkboards
+ Print large format images for cheap by searching for draft print, engineering print or blue print services at nearby office supply stores
+ A Bulletin board full of all the above!

What's your coolest piece of (not) art on your walls?

* Some instruments can be affected and warped by changes in humidity and temperature and need to be kept safe, but I figure you know your instruments and home better than I do.

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